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One of the seasoning agents in marriage is sex, so how important is sex to marriage?

Two strange men and women form a family. If there is no sex, then there must be no love. Sex life is the red line that draws two people to deepen their relationship, and it is also the strongest cohesion. Two people are together in body and soul. Naturally This home will be full of warmth and love. No matter what you do, the husband and wife will work together with one heart and strength, and it will be easier to succeed in your career.

From the perspective of a long-term relationship like marriage, it is a continuous and profound exchange. Dare to be honest about your sexual feelings and expectations, which tests your trust in the other party. And trying to satisfy each other is true connection and respect. In the long life and different encounters, we are still willing to seek each other with our partners, which is the greatest recognition we give to each other's charm. The explosion and dizziness brought by sex are our weapons against all the disappointments, pains and anxieties of the world, and they are also the secret of a long-lasting marriage.
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