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Sex toys are a gorgeous thing to explore our desire and body. Now lets talk about details!

1. We can use a vibrator and try edging and stop just before you reach your  orgasm.

2. Focus on using the Mamil vibrators over other parts of your body and not just your clitoris or penis.

3. We can find multiple places to explore masturbation positions that most suitable for you.

4. Using sex vibrators, at the same time, add in props such as pillows and chairs.

5. Touch your own body slowly and gently. Flirting yourself and make you get orgasm.


Masturbation is perfectly normal and is totally fine in whatever way you decide to do it, as long as you feel like it and it's voluntary. Sometimes, we can explore more ways to masturbate, learn more about our bodies, find out our sensitive spots, and keep our body and mind happy and healthy.