Secrets about sex toys- Shenzhen Zhimo Technology Co., Ltd.


Some people may blush or secretly chuckle at the mention of sex toys, but sex toys have become a huge industry.

Now please answer honestly, do you have sex toys? If so, would you readily admit it?

Once upon a time, sex toys (sex gadgets, or sex toys) were a shady mail-order item to be kept sneaky in bedroom drawers, under layers of clothing.

But now, sex toys are no longer taboo, they are packaged as fun products that can promote intimacy between couples, and they are truly sex toys.

Joshua, an analyst at Technavio, a market research firm in Bangalore, India, said, "We believe that the fastest growing markets are India and China."

Cultural attitudes towards sex toys in India and China are still relatively conservative. For example, India does not allow the public sale of sex toys, nor can it open sex toy shops.

But the popularity of the Internet, coupled with more and more people accepting the e-commerce consumption model, has made buying sex toys more and more convenient.

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