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Vibe with me here. Vibrators are fun for everyone, alone or together. While the market is flooded with different kinds, you really can’t go wrong with most of them. Personally, we recommend items that are rechargeable, because who really wants to learn they’re out of AAA batteries right before you orgasm. If you’re looking to get a little adventurous and planning to bring it into the water, make sure it’s waterproof! And don’t forget that oil based lube. Other than that, the possibilities really are endless. There’s panty vibrators, licking simulators, dildo vibrators, and don’t forget the classic rabbit vibrators. Vibrators can be really affordable and are often the perfect intro to adult toys. 


Life might be a prick, but it’s certainly better with a plastic one (wink). Kidding, kind of. In all joking aside, dildos are just fun toys to have. They can be quite artistic to look at, most nowadays don’t resemble the fleshy, veiny ones from 80’s porn. There’s really a dildo for every purpose, some of which can be dual purpose. But keep its purpose in mind when you are searching for a new dildo. Is it for vaginal or anal penetration? What angle feels good to you? Not sure? Pick one that is adjustable. Do you want it to thrust? Yes, those exist and they are delectable! Need one that can fit into a strap-on? These are all things to consider when shopping. 

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