The Benefits of Cock Rings for Couples!


Traditionally, a cock ring’s main function is to make erections bigger and harder, and it can also make you last longer in bed, which is why they work well as a tool to help erectile dysfunction. They all work similarly, they are normally stretchy silicone rings that are made to go around the base of the penis (and often around the balls as well), creating a constrictive effect that allows blood to flow into the penis as you get turned on but prevents blood flow from leaving too easily. The result is a harder, more sensitive, long-lasting erection. Cock rings may also result in significantly stronger orgasms by delaying ejaculation for a more intense climax.

You can also use vibrating cock rings in other ways than just penetrative sex. We love how multipurpose they are! You can make a hand job feel more pleasurable or during a blowjob, double that pleasure for your man! Some vibrating cock rings have a removable bullet, so you effectively have 2 toys in 1. You can use that bullet to stimulate other areas of the body, the clit, nipples, testicles, anywhere you like (just not for anal play).

So why are they great for women as well? Well, vibrating cock rings are the ones that will benefit both parties. When a man wears a vibrating cock ring, firstly the vibrations will travel through the penis and when you are having penetrate sex, the women will feel these vibrations in the vagina. Also, depending on the position you are in, if the woman is on top, she could feel the ears or bullet part of the cock ring (depending on the cock ring) on her clit. And these can be for both new and experienced couples. They come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. We sell battery powered, rechargeable, remote control and app control, so there is one for every couple! (And yes, you read that correctly, app controllable so the woman could control your sex toy from anywhere in the world!).

For some couples that are new to sex toys, a cock ring is one of the first type of toys to try. It’s not too big or invasive and they are easy to use. Some people underestimate a cock ring and haven't tried one because of this, but you should! There aren't many types of toys out there that both men and women can experience together at the same time, so why miss out on the opportunity.

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