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By communicating with your partner, lover or husband/wife anytime, you will enhance your relationship and enhance your experience on bed. Learn to discuss your feelings, needs, desires, likes, dislikes, fears, worries, etc. at all times, whether you are in the bedroom or out of the bedroom. By learning to communicate with your partner, you actually become closer, which improves your sexual performance together and alone. Don't forget to show your love and devotion to each other outside of the bedroom too! Ask each other simple questions about how their day was going, whether they had any problems, and if so, whether they wanted to talk about them. When you're ready to set the mood, vary the types of questions you ask


1. What excites you?

2. How do you feel when I do or do this?

3. Do you have any fantasies?


Be specific, honest, direct and open about your wishes and needs. Describe to your lover how long it takes you to be aroused and how much stress you can handle .


Make sure you let them know when they're doing something right or pleasurable and when they're doing something wrong, especially if you're in a new relationship.


Communication is key to a long-lasting and satisfying sexual relationship.


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