5 Essential Post-Sex Rituals

Stay Hydrated

Remember, sex is a physical activity!  Sip on a cup or two of water in order to replenish yourself. Dehydration can affect your whole body, including your vagina. Hydrating also helps flush any bacteria that can potentially cause a UTI from your bladder. Don’t forget to drink water prior (or even during) sex. A glass of water by the side of the bed (or wherever you are) is always a helpful thing.

Go to the Bathroom

Speaking of your bladder, whether or not nature calls, it's important to finish flushing things out in order to prevent any discomfort or UTIs from developing. During sex, the bacteria from your rectum can get close to your urethra and lead to infections. Going to the bathroom helps to wash anything that might be present out from your private area.

Keep Things Clean

From lube to saliva, there are a number of things that can disrupt your pH down there. Take some time to wipe things down or if you’re still in the mood, take a shower together to clean up and keep things steamy. This helps prevent bacteria or a yeast infection. Remember to be gentle and avoid any soaps with harsh fragrances. Internally, skip the soap and allow water and your own vagina do the work to cycle stuff out. Added bonus: a shower can also help reduce any swelling or irritation that might occur.

Go Commando

After your wash, continue to ward off discomfort and UTIs by airing out. If you prefer to cover up, be sure to wear something breathable such as cotton underwear, loose fitting pjs, or a comfy slip. Avoid anything nylon or tight-fitting which can hold in moisture and cause bacterial growth.

Pop Some Probiotics

If you worked up an appetite, snack on something with probiotics! The vagina naturally has its own ecosystem of bacteria to keep you healthy. Eating probiotics, such as yogurt, helps encourage the growth of healthy bacteria. Taking a probiotic supplement also helps just the same.

Sex is not simply one act but rather a full experience that should be enjoyed. It’s important to take care of yourself pre, during, AND after, because when you feel good, pleasure falls into place.

*As a side note, you are getting frequent UTI’s doing all the above, it may be time to a) evaluate your sexual and body care products and b) talk to your doctor.