Do you know the history of the classic vibrator?


There was always a need for satisfaction

The use of vibrators or similar devices is almost as old as human civilization. The dildo, known at the time as olisbo, was already very popular in ancient Greece, and merchants of the time enthusiastically sold the device to lonely ladies throughout the Mediterranean region. The name dildo appeared for the first time in Renaissance Italy, and in 1610 the device was mentioned by this name in England as well.

But let's not think that this form of pleasure-seeking was typical only in Europe. Similar aids were used even in ancient Egypt. According to legend, Cleopatra filled a hollow gourd with bees and used it to stimulate her clitoris. She most likely did not use this dangerous toy in reality, but she certainly did use dildos, as did many other women at the time. Lacquered wooden dildos were used in China in the 15th century, as there was obviously a demand for satisfaction there as well.

With a vibrator against hysteria

The use of devices that are much more similar to today's vibrators originates from Victorian England. In the 19th century, it was customary to attribute hysteria, i.e. moodiness, irritability, insomnia, and depression observed mainly in women, to inadequate satisfaction. Thus, in addition to a warm bath and other remedies that seem ridiculous today, the doctors of the time cured hysteria by giving female patients orgasms. They achieved this with the so-called Pelvikus, i.e. lower body massage, which was, however, a very tiring therapy for them.

At a time when some feared an outbreak of hysteria, many physicians complained of the tiresome, lengthy, and exhausting activity. There was a growing need for an effective solution, which arrived around 1880 thanks to Dr. J. Moritmer Granville. This is generally considered the birth of themodern vibrator. Although similar devices were made before, for example one that worked with steam, they were still only used by doctors due to their size. The largest, the first such structure, was the size of a room. Well, let's face it, it's really not very practical for home use.

A toy that benefited from advertising

Then, at the beginning of the 20th century, in 1902, the American company Hamilton Beach put the first electric vibrator on the market. In the following years, more and more people produced vibration devices, which even functioned as massage machines, and advertisements simultaneously recommended them for the treatment of colds, gout, lung and stomach problems. Advertisements promoting vibrators were then banned from magazines in the 1920s, because they were clearly considered sexual aids. The popularity of the vibrator at this time is clearly demonstrated by the fact that by 1917 there were more such toys in American homes than toasters. Today, thanks to technical progress, we can find both smart , clean and true to lifeand pieces with complex functions. We hope you're in the mood for a little play, if so, look around us and find your favorite, and if you're having a hard time choosing, choose the vibrator set .

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