The Most Concerned Problem of Adult Products: Purchase Channels and How to Select the Products


At present, many small partners are considering the supply problem when starting their businesses, and the purchase method of adult goods stores is indeed a problem that can not be ignored.

Because these gender products are products that directly contact the human body, the first step to open a physical store or online store to sell products is to make the products formal and reliable, consistent with the actual effect of the products, so that your enterprise sales will be on the right track, with a fixed source of customers, so how to ensure that your purchase method is not a problem? This is a chat about your understanding.

First, wholesale in the same city online market. The city you belong to is basically a wholesale market for adult products. Although the purchase price may be higher, the product quality and after-sales service are guaranteed.

Second, the third-party shopping mall system verified in 1688 has a large number of sellers in this area. You can shop around for more types of products. There is a clear requirement to see others' product authorizations and licenses. These certificates indicate that they are qualified and regular.

Third, the channels provided by the franchised companies. Some competent franchised companies can let you open adult goods stores. At the same time, they also have their own warehouses. The key products in the warehouses serve their own customers. Therefore, entrepreneurs are also very good choices to purchase goods there.

Fourth, trading companies, because there are different well-known brands of gender goods, will go to obtain the agency right of different brands and then wholesale to manufacturers. In fact, it is a big reason for everyone to go to the supermarket. As a third party, they touch the end customers. However, such companies generally have high regulations on the purchase volume, which can be taken into account in the process of expanding in the middle and later stages.

These are the four types of purchasing methods commonly used by adult goods stores. Of course, there are many other channels. However, no matter where you purchase, you need to ensure that your products are regular and authentic as the first prerequisite, and you should not purchase at will.

Second, precise positioning. This is related to the products you choose and the precise positioning of your store. Due to the strong trading strength of middle and high-end consumer groups, the demand for products is also higher. Middle and low-end consumers pay more attention to cost-effective. No matter what kind of people, we Chinese are very careful about the choice of sex toys. Therefore, when finding first-hand supply, quality is important.

Finally, in consideration of the uniqueness of the field, the reference of customers comes from marketing and evaluation. How to judge whether it is good or bad? Intuitively speaking, it is the category of products. The effectiveness of the targeted population needs to be accurate and the market needs to be considered before ordering.

There are too many sources of goods, so don't worry about not finding them. It mainly depends on the business category of your shop and the adjustment according to the best money in the market.

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