Beginner’s Guide To Clitoral Toys


Clitoral toys explained

Did you know the first vibrator was created as a medical device to treat mental health issues in women? It might seem hard to believe considering what we now understand about the clitoris and the popularity of vibration sex toys, but it is true. Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville specialized in women’s health, and provided relief from stress, anxiety, and anything else that fell under the wide definition of “hysteria” by using a vibrator on a woman, presumably producing orgasm! Little did Granville know that he was not only opening our eyes to the tremendous erotic possibilities of the clitoris, but he was also the forefather of the current industry of wide-ranging, fantastic clitoral toys.

Throughout history, men’s sex and sexuality have most often been seen as the important ones, and thus, what was focused on. Women’s sexuality was only noted to be repressed. We didn’t even know the clitoris is a much larger, horseshoe-shaped organ until a couple of years ago! However, social, scientific, and technological advances have brought women’s sexual needs to the forefront of pleasure innovation. And one of those now acceptable (and encouraged) technological advances is the wealth of clitoral toys on offer.

Everyone’s sexual needs are different and clit fun can be unique to everyone. Some women enjoy direct, focused vibration directly to their clitoris while others prefer to circle or move back and forth over it. Still, others are too sensitive to apply a toy’s strong vibes directly to their clitoris, so they rest the toy on their clitoral hood. Regardless of how you use a clitoral toy, they have become a must-have in many women’s pleasure chests.

Clitoral stimulation is a requirement for many women to even reach orgasm. For the majority of women, getting off is just not possible without the addition of some kind of clit action, be that manual or with the help of a toy. Penetration and other types of sex still feel great, but she might need something a little more to push that pleasure over the edge. And that little bit more could easily be found with the flip of a button.

Who clitoral toys are for

The simple answer to this question is “Everyone who enjoys clitoral stimulation!” but there is more to it than that. Clitoral toys are fantastic for those who are new to sex toys and those who know what they need for mindblowing orgasms. Beginners can take what they know about their bodies and explore those sensations to dizzying new heights of awesome. Before long, they’ll graduate to the next level of sexual awareness – those who are aware of the nuances and nooks and crannies of their bodies and understand their needs and desires. Because clitoral toys come in many shapes, sizes, textures, and vibration speeds and patterns, their diversity easily allows for continued sexual growth. And of course, let’s not forget that clitoral toys are a great couple’s tool! There are many ways to play with a clitoral toy together, both in foreplay and adding it to intercourse.

The myth of vibrations and the clitoris

When vibrators became popular and readily available in the marketplace, fear started to creep into the minds of men across the world: what if she likes the toy better than me? As men saw their partners experiencing life-changing pleasure, instead of cheering her on and understanding her need for sexual release, they began to worry about what the vibrator will do to her. Specifically, there was, and still is, a fear that too much play with a clitoral vibration toy would dull her senses and eventually leave her numb to other kinds of pleasure. In other words: “she won’t like my penis anymore!”

Of course, this fear is completely unfounded. Women’s sex and their body’s ability to enjoy it will not diminish through the use of a clitoral toy. If your partner loses interest in you because she’s using a vibrator, it has much more to do with your skills as a lover – not her use of a toy!

How to use clitoral toys

As previously noted, everybody’s sexual desires and bodies are different and so are their sexual needs. Some women want a large, sturdy, and powerful toy, like a wand or massager that’s direct and strong. Others want something small, compact, and easy to hold like a clitoral bullet. How you play with your toys is dependent on the product you want. The key to picking the best clitoral toy is knowing what your body wants and is comfortable with. If you want to be able to experience hidden pleasure while out and about, slip on the vibrating panties. If you like to keep your sexuality to yourself, a discreet clitoral toy is a great option.

Once you decide what you want to play with, how you use it is limitless. You can hold it firmly to your clit or touch it gently to the tip. Move it around or keep it in place. You can even explore different parts of your body! However, regardless of the toy you choose, there is one key common to all: have fun!

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