We spice up our sex life with cute Vibe ----Shenzhen Zhimo Technology Co., Ltd.


1. Reduce stress related to sexual performance.

Increased stress, including stress related to performance, can increase the risk of burnout. If you or your partner are stressed about “getting it right,” you may have trouble simply enjoying each other’s bodies and making the most of the experience.

2. Give yourself a little solo time.

If you’re struggling with feelings of sexual burnout, it can be helpful to spend some solo time masturbating. You can take advantage of the opportunity to explore your own body and remind yourself of what you enjoy most. You can also spend a little time fantasizing about your partner and some of your favorite sexual encounters, then later turn those fantasies into reality.

4. Build anticipation as you wait for your products to arrive.

If you don’t already have a MysteryVibe vibrator in your bedroom, simply ordering and preparing to try out something new is a great way to build anticipation. Discuss it with your partner ahead of time. Look forward to its arrival together. You’ll find that when it does arrive, you’re much more likely to be excited and in the mood.

5. Try out a new personal lubricant.

Lube can make a huge difference in your sexual experience, especially if you’re feeling burnt out or stressed out in light of the current crisis.

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